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Jennifer Moses (NASUWT)

Jennifer Moses is currently National Official for Equality and Training at the NASUWT Teachers’ Union. 

Jennifer has worked at NASUWT in the fields of equality and education policy for over 20 years and is head of the team that delivers the Union’s national training programme and equalities policy. Jennifer also leads the Union’s anti-bullying work at national and international levels which includes developing policies for schools on tackling prejudice related bullying of both pupils and staff.  Jennifer is a key player in the Union’s global solidarity programme of work and has been a stalwart and passionate campaigner for equalities, social justice and human/trade union rights for many years.

I am delighted to be given the honour of participating in the work of the ABA advisory group.  Bullying blights the lives of children and young people on an everyday basis. It  requires the concerted efforts of the whole school community to tackle this growing problem.  I look forward to contributing to the strategic development of this essential anti bullying work by bringing in the expertise of the NASUWT and the voices of teachers and headteachers.

Jennifer Moses Photo