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Information for young people

Looking around today, it is hard to find a part of our day to day lives that hasn’t been touched by the world wide web. However, as is so often the case, with great power comes great responsibility. The Internet gives us an incredible window into the world but it’s up to each of us that we use the net responsibly.

Please see below to links to tools and resources to support young people.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is all about working to make the Internet a safe and positive place to be. But with recent stories in the press about antisocial behaviour on social media sites it’s no wonder parents and schools are concerned about keeping young people safe from online bullying.

  • Online bullying is a significant issue facing young people today, and according to Safer Internet Day research in 2013, as many as 41% of 7–11 year olds knew someone who had been bullied online.

Don’t forget that the biggest impact we can have to reduce cyberbullying is to model kindness and respect both online and off – stay safe, fun and connected.

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17 Apr 2017