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Focus on: Bullying

At the bottom of this page in the attachments section, you will find our first, second and third editions of ‘Focus on: Bullying’, our annual summary of journal articles on bullying in the UK (or involving UK participants).

The latest edition looks at articles published during 2019. It is restricted to research on children and young people, including students in higher or further education, and to studies which had bullying as a primary or substantial focus. 

These publications were written by Peter K Smith of Goldsmiths University of London. We have endeavoured to cover major contributions using search engines and data bases, but inevitably a few may have been missed.

The latest edition covers research on: 

  • Prevalance 
  • Risk factors
  • At risk groups
  • Sibling bullying
  • School buses and public places
  • Correlates of involvement
  • Online bullying 
  • Social support
  • Participatory research
  • Interventions
  • International meta-analyses
18 May 2018